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Microfluidic Flow Chamber for Bacteria

The B-Series microfluidic plates keep bacteria cells in a single focal plane, allowing you to follow and induce cell events during high magnification imaging over many generations.
B04 Microfluidic Plate   e. coli
Features and Benefits:

• Elastic trap sites holds cells in single focal plane for 16+ hours
• 4 independent chambers under a single imaging window
• Laminar flow switching between 5 inlet solutions
• 170 um thick optical glass bottom for high quality imaging

Plate Types:
B04A for 0.7-1.0 um Cells, 4 Chambers

Informational Flyer
B04A Application Note

For Updated Applications, please click here to visit the EMD Millipore site.

The B04 plates utilize a microfabricated silicone ceiling with a height similar to bacteria cells to restrict their growth in a single focal plane and maintain x,y position over time. Each chamber contains 6 tapered trap heights to maximize loading efficiency of various cell sizes. The B04A plate has heights of 0.7, 0.9, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 um. (See Product Sheet for more detail.)

Bacteria Trapping   Single Focal Plane Bacteria 

Continuous perfusion of culture medium to the cells ensures a suitable growth environment for long term experiments. Typical experiments run for 4-16 hours on the microscope stage, enabling single cell tracking for over 10 doublings. The six inlets to each chamber allow solution switching experiments during time lapsed imaging. The highly laminar flow results in a rapid and complete solution change in under a minute.

Bacteria Growth

For Updated Applications, please click here to visit the EMD Millipore site.

• Cell Response to Media Change
• Induction of Cell Cycle Events
• Synthetic Biology

• Cell Division Tracking
• Starvation and Recovery
• Gene Expression

• Protein Localization
• Single Cell Analysis
• Phase Contrast, DIC


1. E.coli Growth - Cell division of E. coli with continuous flow.
2. Solution Switching - Laminar flow exchange in the B04 chamber.
3. Caulobacter Growth - Growth of Caulobacter with continuous flow.
4. Mycobacteria Growth - Growth of Mycobacteria with continuous flow.
5. Antibiotic Burst - E. coli exposed to ampicillin.

Image Gallery:
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B04 Bacteria

e.coli fluorescent
E. coli, CellASIC, cells courtesy Lu Lab, MIT E. coli, CellASIC, cells courtesy Lu Lab, MIT
Cyanobacteria anabaena Caulobacter
Cyanobacteria Anabaena, cells courtesy Haselkorn Lab, U Chicago Caulobacter, cells courtesy of Laub Lab, MIT
Mycobacterium smegmatis  
Mycobacterium smegmatis, cells courtesy Travis Hartman, AENY  
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